Will PSP Hacks Work on the PS Vita?

Mamosuke hacks

Mamosuke, who has some fame from the Japanese PSP scene, claims to have run a simple Hello World program through the embedded PSP emulated on a Playstation Vita. This is rather impressive, since it means that PSP hacks might very well work turn into PS Vita hacks. Naturally, this isn’t a true Playstation Vita hack, and it has some very strict limitations. It does not allow one to actually hack a PS Vita and gain direct access to the hardware. Moreover, it leaves the door open for Sony to issue patches that would prevent fans from doing anything else with the hack.

One of the most serious issues when trying to hack a PS Vita is the fact that the PSP saved data being copied to the Vita from a PC has to go through a specific tool. This tool, called the Contents Management Assistant, could easily block any saved data that it would wish to. Copying any files to the Playstation Vita’s PSP emulator requires the use of this tool. Therefore, they will probably have to follow an extremely specific format.

Many homebrew games run from the PSP/GAME folder. Half byte loader software expects to be located in the root folder. People are now limited to the savedata folder for their storage, and this could break many hacks apart. Individual fans will probably develop tools to overcome these limitations in short order, but Sony could patch the system so that such tools become obsolete quite quickly. This might spark an endless game of cat and mouse as both sides try to develop tools that can counter the other’s ingenuity. There might be ways around the loading software after all.

The most promising thing, though, is that this Playstation Vita hack was announced only shortly after the unit actually came out. If people are already discovering that the system can be exploited, then it might mean that underground developers already have a jumpstart on everything. Some fans have said that Sony might not be able to work around this hack too much. Messing with the emulation software too much might simply render the PSP emulation mode ineffective. Of course, that isn’t to say that Sony might not simply deem the backwards compatibility officially unnecessary. That sort of thing could dampen sales though, so there is nothing to suggest that they would do it. At the moment, anything of the sort should be considered pure speculation.

PSV Will Eventually Run Homebrew Apps: What is the Dolphin Debug Mode?

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Newly launched gaming hardware is often prone to showing glitches, but one suggests that there are PS Vita Homebrew games on the horizon. A particular video has surfaced that shows a new Vita owner using a device in what looks like a debug mode. Naturally, a debug mode is promising for those that are into developing psvita hack software. The screen shows what looks like a floating oyster, a pearl and three swimming dolphins. Since Sony is known for relatively cute things anyways, this shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise. Everyone should remember that the company’s mascot is Toro, after all.

Unfortunately, it seems that the Vita in question is far from having a working psvita hack installed on it. Instead, it appears to be completely locked into the so-called dolphin mode. While this might be a glitch, it could be a development version that made it into the wild. If that were true, Sony would probably replace it very quickly. Moreover, there would probably be some sort of legal doctrine thrown about in regards to disseminating trade secrets about development versions of the hardware. This would be very bad news for fans that would be into PS Vita homebrew software.

Of course, there are also those who would stop at nothing and shell out a large amount of money to get their hands on a glitch or development version. Sony has usually been quite secretive about their software, and there is a chance that this sort of thing is a hoax. If it is one, though, it seems that the individual in question went the length to develop it. The idea of psv homebrew still wouldn’t be too foreign, however. People should remember that the PSP had its own homebrew movement, and many other platforms have had similar movements.

That being said, the PSP’s homebrew community also created malware. The Trojan.PSPBrick, as Symantec called it, is considered to be the first trojan for the PSP. These sorts of problems might not have an influence on the psv homebrew community. However, it should be noted that because homebrew games aren’t supported, one should be very careful. There are jerks in every crowd, but this shouldn’t be used to judge gamers as a whole.

People that are into psvita hack news, at least in Japan, are actually part of a relatively sophisticated hobby. The world of dojin soft or dojin games produce countless homemade games for a variety of platform. One of the more notable platforms that this community exploited was the Sega Dreamcast, which had notoriously weak copy protection. While the copy protection for more recent Sony systems are far more advanced than that of the old Dreamcast platform, there is still a very dedicated group of fans that work at development in this sort of an underground capacity. While laws and attitudes are starting to change, Japanese fans are usually not as likely to experience the cease and desist orders that plague western fans.

That might mean that some of this sort of energy could bleed over into the western fan base, and jumpstart psv homebrew outside of the Vita’s home country. If the dolphin debug mode does indeed turn out to be true, it would serve to fuel the fire even more. If people who have developed games for other platforms start to take their craft to the Vita hardware, the result would truly be incredible. People should also remember that a few homebrew games have eventually made it to store shelves. For now, though, aspirations are probably slightly lower because of the uncertainty surrounding these sorts of rumors.

First Signs of PS Vita Hack Surface

PS Vita Dolphin

The PS Vita was one of the most anticipated new hand held game consoles in recent history. It sold a quarter of a million units on its debuted in Japan and impressed many gamers with its smooth graphics, easy control and ease of use. Console hackers were drooling at the possibility of debugging games and hacking into the hardware of the device. Oddly, evidence of the potential for PSVita hacks and the potential for PS Vita Mods had surfaced only hours after the console debuted.

A series of videos began circling through the Internet focusing on a strange glitch that many owners were experiencing with their brand new PS Vita. These videos showcased a PS Vita that seemed to be stuck in some type of debug mode. Of course, debug modes are created by developers to test software and hardware without limitation to test it for bugs and to fix these bugs. A debug mode would be the perfect tool for hackers looking to create a solid PSV hack.

The strangest aspect of this debut mode was its presentation. The background of the screen is a soothing blue and features three dolphins swimming around the screen. It also includes a floating oyster and its pearl. Users change the view of these items, viewing them from various angles and zooming in and out.

In spite of this strange presentation, this news is great for hackers that are interested in creating their own unique take on the PS Vita and its upcoming library of games. A debug mode would make it easy for these hackers to create their hacks.

For example, a hacker could simply activate this debug mode and begin changing the options on the hardware using the debug options. Without the debug mode, they would have to hook up the console hardware to an independent computer and program the hardware and software directly. While talented hackers don’t have problems with these programming demands, it is often beyond the abilities of creative but technically limited hackers.

The debug mode could open up the world of hacking to a whole new world of hackers. Hackers with little programming skills could easily change their console and game options and create whole new gaming experiences. Of course, hacking still requires restraint and a careful understanding of what changing each option entails. Improperly changing options can cause problems even in debug mode.

However, while these videos do show a lot of promise for hackers, there is a major problem with this debug mode. It apparently has happened randomly to PS Vitas when it was turned on without any input from the device owner. Even worse, many of the Vitas that end up in this mode are unable to leave the mode. Even powering it off and removing the batteries doesn’t cause the debug mode to disappear.

In spite of this major problem, a potential debug mode such as this shows a lot of potential and promise for the world of PS Vita hackers. A debug mode shows that the hardware and software of the device can be altered and changed in various ways. Stay tuned for the latest PS Vita news to see where this development takes the system.

PSV Release Means PS Vita Hacks are Coming Soon

PS Vita Release Dates List

So far, there have been two events that show that PS Vita hacks are right around the corner. Mamosuke is a celebrated member of the custom PSP community in Japan, and he recently developed a method of utilizing the PSP emulator to his advantage. Likewise, a fan found what could be a sort of debug mode that seems equipped with a sort of test pattern. At least, the screen could be interpreted as such. It displayed dolphins, a pearl and an oyster from various angles. If this is a debug mode, it might be the key to an impressive PSV mod. However, it might also mean that a development unit somehow got into the wild. If that’s the case, Sony will probably try to reacquire the system, but it is simply too early to tell what they’re going to do at the moment.

Mamosuke’s PS Vita hack relies on the PSP emulation mode, but it might mean that certain types of homebrew games could be enjoyed on the new hardware. Regardless of what happens with these two particular events, the mere fact that the hardware is now on the market in Japan means that PS Vita hacks are on the horizon. Once the system goes live on the world scale, there is no telling just what sort of PSV mod software people will come up with. As with anything else, once the hardware is successfully hacked, developers are only limited by their skill and creativity.

That doesn’t mean that every PS Vita hack will come in the form of a homebrew game, however. There were a number of other PSP applications that were homemade and each of the good ones seemed to enjoy a level of relative popularity. The PSPaint! series of applications is an excellent example of productivity software for the platform. The CrazyPaint project also shows that there is a good reason to consider the PSP a tool for artists. For those who aren’t artistically inclined, a simple paint program is a great way to take notes when one doesn’t have access to another type of mobile device. Since many gamers carry around their handheld unit with them, this can be used to turn a PSP into a reusable piece of paper.

For those who feel closed off by the XMD interface, PSP saw the introduction of a file management suite entitled PSP Filer. It basically turned the PSP into a handheld computer system that could actually be manipulated. Serious users probably had a copy of AFKIM installed as well. This instant messaging suite was quite feature packed for a piece of pocket software. Emulators are naturally quite popular, and while gpSP might be famous, the ability of DosBox PSP to give gamers the ability to play PC games on their handheld was really quite impressive.

Emulators are a good place to start speculation, since people like to bring older games along with them wherever they go. There is something to be said for older games, and considering that a PSP emulation mode was exploited for one of the PS Vita hacks, it seems only natural that emulators would be among the first things developed for the platform. Of course, much of this is dependent on the way that Sony behaves. They had a tendency to crush many of the attempts to hack their hardware in the past, but this is totally understandable. Those who are not as noble can engage in acts of piracy, and Sony naturally wants to protect the community from this. Sadly, it might be seen as a case of the acts of a few nasty people ruining everyone else’s fun.

PSV Will Be Tougher to Hack than PSP

PSV HackabilityA lot of gamers are excited about the release of the new Sony handheld system, the PlayStation Vita (PSV). The PSV is the most advanced handheld video game system in the world. When a piece of gaming technology this advanced is released, many gamers wonder whether it will be possible for it to be hacked. Will it be possible for a PSV hack? The answer is: maybe.

Many gamers are saying that a PSV hack will be impossible. For evidence they point to the latest firmware in use with the PlayStation 3 (PS3). The last PS3 firmware to be hacked was version 3.55. Every version since then has completely frustrated hackers attempts to jailbreak it.

This is a problem for those that have already hacked their PS3s. All the games released after version 3.55 run on the newer firmware, and they will not run with the older firmware. This means that owners who hacked their PS3s are unable to play any of the newer games.

That is a major headache, and it is one reason that many gamers are saying that nobody will hack the PSV. If they do manage a hack, then it may render the PSV unit obsolete. If a later version of PSV firmware becomes unhackable, then owners with hacked PSVs will not be able to play newer games.

Even if it is possible to hack the PSV, many gamers are hoping that no one will find a way to do it. This is due to what happened with the PSV’s predecessor, the PSP. The PSP was hacked from the moment of its release, and the developers were never able to release a version of firmware that could not be hacked.

Since every version of PSP firmware was hacked right away, this meant that anyone could download free games with their jailbroken PSP. This kept money out of the game developers’ pockets, as they sold many less copies of their games than they expected. This soon led to game developers not wasting their time developing PSP games, as there was no profit in it.

However, it seems unlikely that nobody will develop a PSV hack. If there is one thing that has been proven in the computer world over and over again, it is that hackers will always find a way to hack. No matter how unhackable developers claim their software is, hackers will find a way to jailbreak it.